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scars and change.

its not hard to realize that things change. change is change. chemistry has change. the Earth is always changing. so why is it that when change happens to ourselves we become troubled? change is natural. its an everday occurance. but the thing is, we can’t handle change. we don’t like the fact that we must alter something about us. why, right? I would love to know why i can’t handle change. it would be nice, yes, very nice, if i knew.

i am a nice person. sometimes, i’m too nice of a person. I want to help people fix themselves. but i’ve realized i can’t . I can only try. i can only me be. I can’t rip my heart everytime. i don’t need more scars than necessary. i hate tearing myself open, only having to sew myself back up. My problem is that i feel too much. Scars are real.


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