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last request

things have changed, and i rather like it. it’s time that i find who i really am instead of being the person that i wish i could be. i’m doing this school thing and i kinda like it. i’m discovering who my family really is. i’m learning more than i have ever expected – especially in these past few months.

school wise, i’m a geology major. i just like my rocks thats all. they keep me happy. i mean the fact that school costs more than i could ever imagine scares me sometimes, but i always find a way to pay for it.

friends are the family you get to choose. they have been with me every step of the way these last few months. i don’t even know where to being thanking them and finding a way to repay them. they know me better than myself sometimes.

health. let’s just not go there.

family… they are there for me every step of the way. it’s kinda hard that they can’t accept that i’m growing up after years of them pushing me to be independent and responsible. but when your the oldest you have to pave the road for the others to follow. but im also scared. my friend just lost his grandpa and i can’t ever imagine losing mine. he’s my world. he has my unconditional love and my heart. when and if he does leave, he’s taking my heart with him. i just can’t wait to see a smile on his face again.

i have a few new rocks, they’re pretty cool.

i’ve had two songs stuck in my head lately. i’m still trying to figure them out. but maybe its just nothing. none the less they are: 1) Last Request by Paolo Nutini; 2) Somewhere over the rainbow by IZ.

it’s time to keep A’CHUN AN CHI.


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