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so it’s been quite a while since i have written any thing on this blog that i happen to have. i have kind of been swamped with school, and what ever else that i have on my plate. but i don’t care, it’s all fun and games.

but i just wrote my blog in response to Julian Beck’s feelings about Vietnam ( a Geib blog). I wrote mine, then posted it, and then read some of the other students. And wow. i feel very liberal with my point of view. a lot seem rather conservative, and what their emotions sealed in a metal case. but thats ok, its their opinion and they all deserve the respect.

but then again, i can’t judge them because it’s totally not fair. they grew up how they grew up, and i grew up how i grew up: completely different. maybe because my dad was involved with Vietnam that i am opposed to what the country did with that situation.

o well.


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