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So once again I am doing the Miss Oak View Pageant. this is my forth  year competing, and fith if you count the year that i gave away the title as Miss Teen Oak View 2005.

That is today. at 11am are the interviews, and i’m not nervous. maybe i will be when the acutal interview is happening, but not right now. then later i get the pleasure of having my toes and hair done. then off to wait from 4-630pm for the pageant to start.

but i really don’t care about the pageant right now. i am more worried about my great grandpa and our family friend. my grandpa was told the he had the bad kind of skin cancer. so automatically i am thinking that he has melanoma. but i have now idea. we have to wait till monday and contact his doctor to find out. I’m just scared because he will be 90 in May, and he is my world. I have no idea what i would do if he was gone.

and our family friend had a minor heart attack last night. when i heard this is, i freaked out. i have been able to develop a great relationship over the last year, and i never thought that it would be here. i just keep praying.

well thats my day. dont really know what else to say. just keep plugging along. do good. I’ll tell you if i win tonight or not.


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I first of all, I don’t think that America is stupid; therefore we as its citizens are not stupid. We have been given this stereotype only for the sole purpose as to entertain us, and others. 

I didn’t go the best schools in Ventura County for elementary and middle school. I went to Oak View Elementary (which became Oak View/Arnez, and is now Sunset Elementary) and De Anza. I didn’t have horrible teachers, and many of them were okay, but I did have Jessica Kiernann. She changed my life to where I wanted to learn, and everyone else did too. At De Anza, there were many who didn’t care, and there were a few who did. Mrs. Kiernann took 40 or so students, and created a master piece. She taught us how to write; use grammar correctly; appreciate what we have; to strive for our best abilities; don’t put yourself down; and be the best you can be. She over prepared us for high school by essay, a four year plan, and gave us the confidence we needed to survive. 

I took her words and lived by them for high school. She helped me realize that I want to be a teacher. For a teacher is the one who prepares children for the rest of their life. But I have become skeptical about teaching, I do have to admit. I don’t want stupid rules (like standards) to weigh me down, or prevent me from teaching the kids. I want kids to have the best education as they possibly can.  It just seems that our stupid country, and its greedy love for money, is ruining how we, and mainly how the young one’s will be educated. So if the Teacher’s Union is supposed to help teachers, why doesn’t it? Or maybe I should really be asking: why do teachers teach? Is because they want to have summers off, as well as a break for winter and spring? Do they really what to teach the citizens that are eventually going to run the country? 

 If the teachers want to teach, and the students want to learn, then it’s a match made in heaven. That’s just not the reality. The teachers should want to be the one’s leading America, and let’s face it: they do. Teachers influence, lead, support, guide, tutor, supply, and teach children just as much as their own parents do. So we should be asking the Teachers Union to give the benefits to the teachers. So what do they need? Every union has their stupid fees, but they need to reward teachers. Teachers should receive more then they do now, every where among the country. And maybe if their tests scores are good they get a bonus, who knows. They just deserve more then they have now.  And teachers need to be prepared. Not only for teaching (ie – they skills to teach and not naming names), but the supplies to run classrooms. So many schools are ill-ed supplied that teachers reach into their own pockets constantly to pay for thing that “the budget can not afford”. 

Now to the students. It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, in a good neighborhood or bad, there are always students who want to do well. On Oprah today I saw a NFL super bowl player (however you say that) who struggled to eat and live, but focused long and hard on school and football. And from that, he went to Harvard. Now, that’s not all of us, but why can’t we all strive to learn as much as we can? We all are in public school, its not like we are paying thousands to barely learn.  

The reason that people are calling America stupid is the fact of the students. And I hate to say it, but it’s true. So often now, kids cheat. We all now this, but that doesn’t seem to stop some. What students need is a commitment, what I don’t know, but they need one. Almost like an Honor Code, as that one high school did whose kids repeatedly cheated. But that won’t save the children.  So, if it’s a battle for teachers to receive what they truly do, then they should get it. And if it’s a battle for students to continue to learn to the best of their abilities, then they should. What I am trying to say is that we live in this country, so why not take the freedoms, liberties and right that we have and utilize them?

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