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Feb 16th, 2007

the night was simply amazing.

michael took me to the beach to see the sunset.

im happy to say its 1 year together.






i love this.




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on the 9th.

last friday in speech we had to talk about our biggest challenge. i didn’t prepare my speech, i was just going to do it on the fly. no probelm i thought. i decided to talk about my knee, so i was dealing with a touchy subject. i jot up there and got thru two mintues no problem, i had just two more to go. then i got to the really personal part and it hit me. i had never spoken out loud to a group of people about my knee. so i was standing in the front of the room, and i just started balling. it was horrible and embarrassing. i never do that. so i just went and sat down, and tried to stop crying. i just felt like i let my self down for the fact that i am always, or at least try to be, strong. it was a had thing. i quess i faced my biggest challege.

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ready for tomorrow.february 12.



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next week.

Monday= I turn 17!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday= who knows…

Wendesday= Valentine’s Day

Thrusday=  My Mom’s birthday

Friday= ONE YEAR for Michael and I 

its gonna be a big week.

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my car.

its still not done. its depressing.

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