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Because of my car and what happened, i have to make some money to pay for it. So here i am watching kids.

┬áLast night i watched a little girl for five hours and was good. She is way too cute… if that is even possible.

But today i am watching two little boys… a 1 and 3 year old. but this time i am watching these kids for 33 hours! why i agredd to this i dontk now….o wait… my car!

So i have them from 8am today to 5pm tomorrow. its fun. we did breakfast, snack, dippers, lunch, nap time, snack, dippers, and movie time…. and it will go on and on.

I have decided that i am going to wait at least 10 years before i have kids.


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finals are finally over! they seemed to take forever to get done… and then they are just over. and thats it. its fun because these grades determine college for me so you know there isn’t any pressure!

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