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a learning experience.

last night i got into a fender bender – with myself. i was coming home at 10:30 or so and an amimal ran out in front of me on the freeway. thank god i was only going 50 or less because of the weather, but i slammed on my brakes and hit the grard rail and spun once or twice. i made it hope safetly with everything fine but my car. it gonna suck paying for the price to have it fixed. im just glad i had God on my side and that i am safe.


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winter formal.

this year i boycott-ed. no winter formal.
i did nothing special. met family i have never heard of before and it was totally weird. i met my biological grandpa, his wife, and my mom’s half sister. (they are exactly 1 year and 1 day apart). then i went to michael’s. he let me pick a movie. and i did. Finding Neverland. i don’t think he is ever gonna let me pick a movie again. and we had cookies. then i had to drive home in the rain. no fun.

i probally should have done something more exciting. but it was a good weekend.

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civil war.

so i figured that i would speak my mind before i climb into a hole filled with homework.

there is so much talk about college and being the perfect person that you forget about who you really are. you are persuaded or even pressured to take the “right” classes, be the right person: be perfect. thats not what i want.

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so i have decided that life isn’t all that easy.

and you can say… “you dont need a genius to tell you that.”

well thats my insite for the night.

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